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13 Seconds

First Appearance

March 3, 1994

Created by

Peter Venables

13 Seconds (13 Seconds) is a webcomic written and illustrated by Canadian Peter Venables. It chronicles the lives of several twenty-something friends whose personalities are worn on the outside in the form of an anthropomorphic guise. One character, for example, is Walter Ramsey whose outward appearance is that of a ram complete with a white wooly outer covering and sporting horns on the side of his head that curl like a ram's. Wally is the kind of person who dares to dream about his life when it was less complicated but also has a tendency to trust others a little too willingly.

13 Seconds is a comic about life, relationships, friendships, and fights with moments of hilarity as well as moments of dispair.


13 Seconds was at one time published in The Western Gazette, a daily student newspaper for The University of Western Ontario and was simultaneously published online originally in 1996. The comic was only rarely updated at this time, having a body of work comprised of less than thirty comics all told. By 1998 Peter's studies had absorbed too much of his time and effort to continue doing the comic at all. In May of 2004, however, Peter began the comic once again and this time found the drive to establish a weekly release schedule for the comic.


Core Characters:[]

The cast of 13 Seconds is comprised of five core characters:

Walter "Wally" Ramsey (ram)
A grown-up kid, Wally has a fertile imagination and tends to trust people implicitly.
Basil D. Fledermaus (bat)
Grounded in the world of logic, Basil sometimes has trouble living in the moment.
Duncan Hendley (porcupine)
Unfettered by tact, Duncan often says the thing better left unsaid.
Marsha Van Mees (panda)
A rare and shy woman, Marsha can give as good as she gets.
Sheila St. Pierre (poodle)
Brains and beauty, Sheila seems to have it all, so why is she so bitter?

Minor Characters:[]

Zeb Fledermaus (bat)
Basil's "evil" twin brother. Neither Wally nor Basil enjoy his company although the fact that he's a successful lawyer has come in handy at least once already.
Barret (bear)
Not much is known about Barret yet. He's a new co-worker of Wally and Basil's and it's rumored that he's into an "alternative lifestyle" like using a Macintosh computer!
Trina (cat)
Marsha's neighbour and potential rival for Wally's affections. She saved Wally from being stomped by over-eager bar bouncers and paid for it with a bathtub full of vomit.
Dr. Toda (toad)
County behavioural therapist and now Basil's anger management coach. He looks like he knows a thing or two about anger management... or anger anyway.
Madame Mouska (bird)
Fortune teller extrordinaire, Madame Mouska tells the future and it doesn't look so bright.

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