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First Appearance

March 16, 2006

Created by

Rich Morris

The ups and downs of the animation industry, or, why being a pencil monkey has its downside.

Main Characters[]

Eric Newton[]

He's a young and enthusiastic recent graduate of an unnamed Animation school. We join him during his search for work in the industry.


The HR guy. He's in charge of hiring and firing, but has no experience or knowledge in art or animation. He also gives out the paychecks.


Works next to Eric in the design department. He's a little older, more experienced and bitter.


She's a famous European artist who works as the supervising character designer. She is, however, dislexic, has a hard time with English as a language, and is totally at sea when it comes to things related to North American culture of any sort. She has plenty of challenges to overcome, and yet somehow still gets it all done.


Sleazy, foulmouthed, mean. Hard to believe people like this work on kids' shows, isn't it?

Kitten Renard[]

Young and pretty, Kitty was a hit the moment she walked in the door. Oh, and she can draw too! We think.


Punk-haired Rough is a little different from the rest of the gang. Might be because he's all blue and scribbly.

Setting and storyline[]

24fps takes place in a fictional North American animation studio that suffers from all the regular idiocies and management issues that any normal real non-fictional animation studio suffers from.

The strip follows the frustrations and trials of a group of artists and workers trying to make a living drawing animated cartoons for television.

Based on real experiences. One or two situations MAY Be exaggerated here and there. But not much.


The concept of the strip was influenced by Dilbert and PvP with the latter also influencing the choice of art style and approach.

The content, however, is based almost entirely on real life actual events or exaggerations thereof experienced by the creator during his career as an animator, character designer, storyboard artist and -briefly- a director.

Injokes and Trivia[]

  • The "Hippy Chick" character says she used to work at an animation studio called "Sinkhole Animation". This is a parody of a studio the creator worked at called "Wetsand Animation", the owner of which was scamming the clients and the government and ripping off the artists. It eventually got called out by the RCMP. The studio no longer exists. The comic was created and the first strips drawn and written while he was working there. [1]

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