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The Abominable Charles Christopher

First Appearance

June 20, 2007

Created by

Karl Kerschl

The Abominable Charles Christopher is a Canadian English-language webcomic created by Karl Kerschl, which is updated every Wednesday. It is part of the Toronto-based Transmission X collective. It has been translated into Danish, German and Portuguese (and French up until January 23, 2008). In 2008, it was nominated for an Eisner Award in the Best Digital Comic category ([1]) and a Shuster Award in the Canadian Webcomics category. ([2])

Its main character is a Yeti-like animal named Charles Christopher who never speaks. It also has a large cast of forest animals, most of which are far more talkative than Charles. There is a large story arc (according to Kerschl, it will eventually be "a skewed retelling of the Gilgamesh Epic"), but there is no set plan for getting there. Also, many of the strips are comedic and stand by themselves.

The first two years of the strips have been collected into a graphic novel, released in May 2010.[3]

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