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All Hallows Eve
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Real Name

Eve Alchemy Halloran

First Appearance

All Hallows Eve (Oct. 7, 2011)

Created by

David Eveleigh


According to legend, Jack O'Lantern, also known as Stingy Jack and The Red Pumpkin, was once a small time crook who tricked the Devil into promising to never claim his soul. However, after he died, that promise prevented him from setting foot in Hell and his wicked ways denied him entrance into Heaven. Cursed to walk the Earth for eternity with only a lantern for comfort, he now tries to make up for his evil deeds by bestowing his supernatural abilities on kindhearted Eve Halloran. Armed with his otherworldly powers but also haunted by his ghostly voice, she fights against crime and injustice everywhere as All Hallows Eve!

Eve Halloran was born on January 13th, 1939. Not only was this a Friday the 13th historically, but in Australia, it was known as Black Friday due to a number of really nasty fires (and has nothing to do with the consumerist "holiday" of the same name). Also, 13/01 is 10/31 backwards.

Her mother is Irish and her father is English, but with a Scottish heritage. Eve herself was born in Wales, but her family emigrated to Canada when she was just a baby. Eve's middle name is Alchemy, after her grandmother.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Supernatural Strength And Speed
  • Flight
  • The Samhain Ray, a concentrated form of Jack's evil energy that can be used both as an attack and to create a pumpkin-shaped shield.
  • The Phanto-Power, a ghostly aura that lets her turn invisible and walk through walls.
  • The power to look like a total doofus at any given moment.


  • Both Eve and Jack are weakened by any source of positive energy. This includes (but is not limited to) holy items, silver, salt, garlic, running water, etc..
  • Eve is blind in her left eye as a result of her first battle.
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  • All Hallows Eve's stories are always marked "9 years and up" which is a stark contrast to stories centered around her mother, the Teen Trickster.
  • While the first book in the series is explicitly set in 1952, all later stories are set in the ambiguous year of 195X, thus leaving how much time has passed in this series up to your imagination.

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