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April & May & June

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Dan Kim


A webcomic by Dan Kim, April & May & June is a constituent of Clone Manga. Originally titled April & May, it was about two students at the University of Waterloo. However, the comic has gone through frequent plot diversions and resets, some of them not featuring the main characters at all. In the third series, which began January 2006, April and May became a couple with a foster child named June.

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The webcomic has developed from super deformed drawings to drawings that portray the characters in a realistic persona. At one point, April and May became separated by a strange wolf, and thus began a quest for April to recover May. Over time, the battle was done and May was returned, thus resuming the typical format of strangeness. The author then decided to go in a different direction, continuing a new story where April flunks out of university and May comes with her to help with the confrontation of April's parents.

The webcomic was about to develop in a new light, with a possibility of April and May's relationship no longer being questionable, except that Dan had decided that this format was overly drawn out. So instead, he reset the universe, and changed the variables with April and May's relationship being quite obviously defined, and with new daughter June.

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