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Ataraxia Theatre

First Appearance

Spring, 1995

Created by

Joseph Hewitt


Ataraxia Theatre is an anthology series by Joseph Hewitt. It moved to the web in 2006 after many years of existence as a minicomic. Some stories feature recurring characters, while others stand alone. Most of the stories are drawn in black and white.

The author, Joseph Hewitt, is an English teacher living in South Korea. He is also the creator of the popular open source RPG GearHead.

Major Features[]

  • Darcy Generic is an amateur conspiracy theorist who may be the only thing standing between civilization and anarchy. Which side he's on, though, is anyone's guess.
  • The Vole With No Name is a philosophically manly rodent living in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Western University is home to the Superpowered Student Association. They're a normal group of young adults, except for the fact that many of them can bend steel bars with their bare hands.
  • Lucy and Bing Penguin are a brother and sister team of cute penguins. They live with their scientist mom and firefighting dad in Ice Valley.
  • Allison Ellis is a university student coping with depression.
  • The GearHead Universe is a world full of giant robots and rampant consumerism. These stories are based on the game series of the same name.
  • Aaron Sinclaire is a recurring character who shows up in many stories, usually so he can be abused in some way.

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