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Real Name

Barry Dale

First Appearance

Atoman #1 (1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ken Crossen and Jerry Robinson

Golden Age Origin[]

While working as a nuclear scientist at the "Atomic Institute," Barry Dale absorbs the "power of the atom" through unconscious exposure to nuclear materials and gains superpowers as a result. As described by Barry himself: "Evidently my body is so geared as a result of working on radium and uranium that it can explode atoms and give me atomic strength." He uses his new abilities -- such as super strength, flight, speed, invulnerability, "atomic vision," and the ability to heat his body so that he can weld metal with his hands -- to fight crime.

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Atoman #1-2
  • Translated in French by Montréal weekly magazine LE SAMEDI, from January 26 to March 2nd, 1946. [1]


  • Atomaster is a re-colored and re-named version of Atoman from Metropolitan Publishing Co.

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