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First Appearance

November 8, 1999

Created by

Josh Phillips


Avalon was a webcomic set in the fictional city of Avalon, Ontario by Josh Phillips. The comic launched on November 8, 1999, and ended on August 24, 2004. It was originally scheduled to end in August 2002, but a series of long-term hiatuses caused large delays.

The strip focused on a group of high school students, and while it originally started out as a mostly-storyless gag strip, it evolved into a coherent, long-term story with realistic characters. It enjoyed great popularity in its day and was known primarily for its unpredictable plot twists - so much so that the phrase "twistiness" was coined by fans to describe the complicated and dramatic turns the author often included (such as one character's abrupt and out-of-character decision to become a lesbian in the final summary).

In 2002, Avalon won the "Best Romantic Comic" award from the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards.

Hiatus and Abandonment[]

On March 22, 2004, Josh Phillips announced that Avalon was going on indefinite hiatus, and that he was going to start a new webcomic called Two Eighty[1]. This comic only had three actual comics posted before joining its predecessor in a long-term unscheduled hiatus; it has since been updated only once in January of 2006 (with a distinctly different visual style).

On August 24, 2004, Josh Phillips announced that he was officially ending Avalon, and posted a summary of the story's conclusion. He announced that, with his recent marriage, he had "outgrown" cartooning and felt no further need to continue the story or the community he had spent the last few years creating; he had posted the text version of the conclusion only to prevent personal attacks. The site was archived and Phillips added a few weeks of additional strips in early 2006 but, aside from a slight visual restructuring, it has not been touched since.

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