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Captain Truth

Real Name

Ken Elliot

First Appearance

Gold Medal Comics (1945)

Original Publisher

Cambridge House

Created by

Bob Fujitani

Golden Age Origin[]

Ken Elliot was a teenager who lived on his own in a low-income neighborhood of an unnamed North American city. He somehow gained the ability to fly, immunity to bullets and above-average senses. He used those abilities to fight crime as Captain Truth.

His costume consisted of red boots, red gloves, red trunks, a cape and a big floppy Three Musketeers-type hat which tends to fly off a lot during his one and only adventure.

Historical Note[]

During the course of the story, the block of housing Ken lived in slated for demolition to make way for a public housing project. At the time the story was written, public housing projects did not have the same negative reputation as they do now. Back then, they were seen as significant improvement over the deplorable housing conditions that were all too common in the poor sections of the cities. This is why Ken embraced the prospect so enthusiastically.


Captain Truth as he appeared on the cover of Great Action Comics

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Gold Medal Comics (oneshot)
  • Great Action Comics #1 (re-print)

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