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ActiveComics 13

Active Comics #13, cover by Edmond Good

GOOD, EDMOND [1910-91] (artist; writer; editor; publisher)

Edmond Good attended a Hamilton Ontario art school and became the creator of the Canadian hero Rex Baxter first seen in Bell Features DIME COMICS #1 (2/42). His excellent work on this episodic feature gained him an entry in Maurice Horn's World Encyclopedia Of Comics. At this time he also produced some covers for the Canadian editions of various pulp magazines, notably the initial Weird Tales magazine in it's second Canadian run and Thrilling Detective Magazine. He also worked on some of the Active Jim stories for Bell Features.

Good was the primary cover artist for the Bell comics until he left Canada in ‘44 to draw SCORCHY SMITH for newspapers until ‘46. He later worked on CASEY RUGGLES, RED RYDER and BRUCE GENTRY strips. He moved heavily into comic book work at several companies in the ‘40s. His early comic book work in America included The Magnet (Better/Nedor), Dagar, Rulah and Safari Cary (Fox), Tomahawk (DC), various tales for American Comics Group and a long run on the western comic Monte Hale (Fawcett). Ed Good started his own company, Good Comics (distributed by Lev Gleason), in ‘55, for his features JOHNNY LAW and SKY RANGER Comics which poorly received comics. He went on to be the Art Director for Tupperware during the 1960s and early '70s according to his listing in Jerry Bail's Who's Who In American Comic Books.


Edmond Good Portrait