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Maple Leaf was located at 849 Homer Street, Vancouver during the 1940s. Owner and publisher was Harry Smith of Imperial News.

Maple Leaf comics artists and writers[]

They produced a four main titles during the Canadian golden-age of comics and featured some unique work from a range of creators. Better Comics; Bing-Bang Comics; Lucky Comics and Rocket Comics (unnamed for the first issue - NoName Comics with a contest to name the title.)

Here is a list, in no particular order, of most of them.

Vernon Miller

Ted Ross (writer and editor)
Bus Griffiths
Jon St. Ables
Hal Kerr (w)
Ley Fortune [Shirley]
Ted Watson
Bert Bushell,
Ernie Walker
Herb Frew (w)
John MacKillop
Bill Benz
Bill Meikle
Al Watson
Peggy Willson

Spike Brown (P. Hereward Brown),
Maitland Thornton,
Milton Thornton (John)
Bus Griffiths,
Ray Hazall,
Hal Kerr,
Vin Pearson, Sid Pearson
F.P. Thursby (Fredrick Percy)

More information on Maple Leaf at the Comic Syrup blog.

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