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Mr. Monster

Real Name

Dr. Jim Stearne

First Appearance

Super Duper Comics #3 (1 shot) (1947)

Original Publisher

F.E. Howard Publications

Created by

Fred Kelly

Golden Age Origin[]

Doc Sterne got "banged up a bit" in one of his adventures, so he decided to make himself a costume. In the last panel of Triumph Comics #31, the design was shown with the caption "DON'T MISS!! The first thrilling FULL-COLOUR adventures of Mister Monster as he meets... The Terror of Trezma... in Unusual Comics. They'll be coming soon!" Unusual Comics was never released, but in May 1947, "The "Terror of Trezma" did appear in Super Duper Comics #3, which was the first and last issue and the only Golden Age appearance of Mr. Monster.


Doc Sterne

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Super Duper Comics #3 (1 shot)

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