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The Penguin
The Penguin on the cover of "Wow" Comics #16

Real Name

Bruce Baron (possibly)

First Appearance

"Wow" Comics #15 (1942)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Adrian Dingle

Golden Age Origin[]

The Penguin was a detective and master spy who protected Canada against Axis spies, saboteurs an infiltrators during World War II.

Wearing a coat and tails and a distinctive face mask, the Penguin was an acrobat, expert hand-to-hand combatant, marksman, master detective and the most prominent mystery man in Canada, so much so that his true identity became one of the secrets that spies most sought from Canada.


Penguin in action. Wow Comics #25

However it was well known among evil-doers that those who saw the face the Penguin did not live long after seeing it.

As the war progressed The Penguin started to execute spy hunting expeditions below the 49th parallel into the United State, during these he kept the same clothing as before but called himself the Blue Raven, perhaps to avoid confusion with an American villain who used the same motif.[1]

The most likely candidate for being the Penguin was Bruce Baron, a well known “neo-socialite.”[2]

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • "Wow" Comics #15, 16, 17, 18, 25, 30


  • Penguin creator Adrian Dingle states "In those days the white tie was still in vogue for evening wear, and this gave him a Jimmy Valentine quality. I thought that by making him into a penguin - after all, penguins, if you see them walking around, do resemble men in white tie and tails - gave it a quality in those days. So he just wore a hood and kept his identity a secret."[3]


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