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Phantom Rider

Real Name

Duan Harris

First Appearance

Wow Comics #16 (Aug. 1943)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Jerry Lazare & Rene Kulbach


One evening, Duan Harris returns home from the riding range to witness a group of masked men about to lynch his father. As he rides his horse, Ace, to the rescue, his father shouts out that they have already killed his mother and begs him to flee but, Duan is shot from his horse before he can respond. Left for dead by the outlaws, Duan revives hours later and swears vengeance. The injured man manages to ride to a nearby ranch, where he encounters a woman who allows him to stay there while he heals and regains his strength. Then, spurred on by reports of more criminal activities from the same gang, Duan rides off to gain revenge as the Phantom Rider!

Golden Age Appearances[]

Wow Comics #16, 23


Not to be confused with Ghost Rider who eventually took the name Phantom Rider when later appearing in stories published by Marvel Comics.

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