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Republic Domain

First Appearance

Republic Domain Webcomic (March, 2007)


Republic Domain is a webcomic about nothing in specific. Characters from the town of Rheddville share dialogues about death, life, sex, marriage, dating, money, work and all the things in between and all-around. Each character represents an archetype that become easy to relate to.

Multiple Meaning and Word Play[]

The layers of meaning behind the title of the first comic strip are three fold:

  • An homage to the Max Cannon's Red Meat strip and engine.
  • The "Reds" (communists, Russians) as many of the characters were appropriated from early anti-communist manifest pamphlets of the early 1900s
  • And the most obvious would be the topic of the first strip itself.

Every title of every strip is is part of the comic's humor.

Every character within the strip also carries with it double meaning or word play. Take for example Frank Lean Quiry: An average guy who's always up to snoop around and provoke others to divulge information--Frankly an inquiry. Each name represents a bit of the personality of the character and helps establish the archetype that they will represent through the strip.

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