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Teen Trickster
Meet teen trickster by ivy7om-d4x73on

Real Name

Brigid Cochran Halloran

First Appearance

All Hallows Eve #1 (Oct. 7, 2011)

Created by

David Eveleigh (as "Jack Leventreur")


Brigid Cochran came from a long line of powerful witches. When she was old enough, her father, a wealthy, 3,000 year old warlock, made her his apprentice and taught her everything he knew about the mystic arts. During World War 2, she sought to defend her native land of Ireland from the Germans by drawing upon its ancestral myths. Binding the spirit of Jack O'Lantern into a magic belt, she used his supernatural powers to fight the Nazis as the Teen Trickster. Later, she transferred Jack's spirit from the belt and into a set of tights, increasing her own powers as she did so. However, that increase came at a cost: Jack could now feed on the energy of her negative emotions, energy which he used to slowly free himself!

When Brigid learned of this, she feared what would happen if Jack escaped. She sealed both him and her costume away and ended her crime-fighting career. Afterwards, she married her former adversary, Ichabod Halloran, gave birth to a daughter and took up farming in the small Canadian town of Summer's End. When her daughter, Eve, found her old costume hidden away one Halloween night, she began her own adventures as All Hallows Eve. While Brigid does not approve of her child taking up the family business, she guides her whenever she can and sometimes uses her vast knowledge of witchcraft to assist her. Who knows, maybe Teen Trickster shall strike fear into the hearts of criminals again someday.


  • Brigid Halloran was created as a supporting character in the kid-friendly series All Hallows Eve. However, she also stars in an erotica series called Teen Trickster's Adult Adventures. The idea of an adults-only spinoff was intended as a satire of the content in mainstream comics and was expected to fade into obscurity. However, the series has not only taken on a life of its own, but has proven to be more successful than its PG counterpart.