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Torgon (left), with Brok Windsor

Real Name


First Appearance

Better Comics vol. 3 #3 (April/May, 1944)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by

Jon St. Abels


One day Brok Windsor wakes up in a starnge land and feels strangely energized. He notices that his pants are now Hulk-style shreds. When he picks up his medical kit, he realizes that he’s grown to basketball centre size proportions of over seven feet tall. Off he goes to explore the island and meets up with a native Indian who is over 12 feet tall and carrying Brok’s canoe under one arm. Brok, being a master of native languages, is able to converse with the Indian who reveals that his name is Torgon and that he is the son of the Great Chief of the place. This civilization turns out to be quite advanced because Torgon carries with him a ray gun and travelled in a zip-car.

Torgon informs Brok that the island makes humans grow until this unbridled growth kills them. He also tells Brok that his only chance for survival is to reach the Blue Spring at The Haunted Rocks of Antigrowth which is a long and perilous journey. Torgon and his own people have been inoculated from this growth disease by already having drunk from these waters.

On the way back to Torgon’s city, the pair are set upon by a giant Eagle-Bat type of creature and, in battling with it, Brok comes to realize that the island has also given him super strength. Together the pair defeat the creature with Torgon receiving a slight injury that Brok attends to with his medical kit. The rest of their journey is through crevices and darkness until they come to a guard post for the city and the story ends.

Thus, Brok Windsor became a rugged he-man of a hero who adventured in the Canadian north in "the lands beyond the mists" with Torgon along as his sidekick.

Powers and Abilities[]

Aside from being over 12 feet tall and extremely stong, Torgon was an excellent fighter.

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Better Comics vol. 3 #3-6

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