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Zor the Mighty
Zor the Mighty and his sabertooth, Zu

Real Name


First Appearance

Capt. Commando Comics (1945)

Original Publisher

F.E. Howard

Created by

E.G. Letkeman

Golden Age Origin[]

Referred to as a "paleolithic man," Zor the Mighty is a protector of the jungle similar to Tarzan or Ka-Zar. He is extremely strong and agile and possesses considerable tracking skills. He has a sabre-tooth tiger named Zu as a companion and wields a knife.

Zor was first sighted in the jungles of India. At some point in his adventures he fell in love with a woman called Dela Parker. Zor and Dela traveled to the "world of Koz" (it is unclear from this account whether Koz is some sort of lost city on Earth or another planet) and joined the rebellion against the Emperor Manuf. Manuf's men captured Dela to trap Zor. He fought them to rescue her and succeeded in overthrowing Manuf But it was too late--Dela jumped into the path of an acid pellet aimed at Zor and died in his arms. Zor was not even able to avenge her, for the soldier who shot her was immediately strangled by a carnivorous plant. A grief-stricken Zor left Dela buried in Koz and moved on to face other "startling adventures."

His other enemies included the Monkeymen of Kul.


Zor battles the Emperor Manuf (cover of Fantastic Adventures 12)

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Capt. Commando Comics #nn (F.E. Howard Publications)
  • Red Seal Comics #19, 22 (Superior Publishers Limited)
  • Zor the Mighty #1-2 (Cambridge House)
  • Fantastic Adventures #12 (I.W. Publishing, reprints unpublished material)


A revamped version of Zor the Mighty, together with other Golden Age Canadian heroes such as Red Rogue, will appear in the forthcoming Johnny Canuck and the Guardians of the Northern Lights by Ty Templeton and David Cutler, published by Moonstone.

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